11 bomb joke incidents reported at PH Airports nationwide —PNP-AVSEGROUP

11 bomb joke incidents reported at PH Airports nationwide —PNP-AVSEGROUP

BOMB jokes are no joke!

The Philippine Aviation Security Group (PNP-AVSEGROUP) is once again giving a stern warning against making bomb jokes within Philippine Airports.

According to Police Colonel Christopher Melchor, the increase in passenger traffic this year has contributed to a notable uptick in bomb joke incidents compared to last year.

‘’Based on our criminal investigation report analysis system, CIRAS, we’ve seen a rise from 4 cases in January to July 2023 to 11 cases in the same period this year,’’ according to PCol. Christopher D. Melchor Chief, Investigation Division (A4) PNP Aviation Security Group.

The official also said that bomb threats involving emails and cellphones are taken very seriously.

Only seven bomb joke cases were recorded throughout 2023, resulting in personal prosecutions.

PNP-AVSEGROUP acknowledges that a lack of awareness about the severity of penalties could be fueling the persistence of bomb joke incidents.

Under Presidential Decree 1727, passengers joking about bombs within airport premises can face imprisonment and hefty fines, depending on the seriousness of the offense.

Airlines also have the authority to offload passengers who make bomb jokes, even if they are already aboard the plane.

Committing such acts may also result in a permanent criminal record, and potentially affect employment and travel opportunities in the future.

 ‘’Bomb jokes are strictly prohibited in public places, especially airports. We always say that bomb jokes are no joke. This is not a laughing matter and should never be taken lightly,’’ Melchor said.

Collaborative efforts between airport authorities, airline operators, and security agencies continue to address the rising trend of bomb joke incidents.

This includes awareness campaigns, and simulation exercises, among others.

‘’At the same time, we have signages indicating that bomb jokes are prohibited within airport premises,’’ he added.

To recall, in June, the PNP Aviation Security Group conducted a joint Inter-operability Enhancement Exercise with the Joint Special Operations Group of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the 710th Special Operations Wing Philippine Air Force at the PNP AVSEGROUP headquarters, Pasay City.

The activity aims to underscore diverse exchanges of knowledge and skills focused on enhancing responses to crises and emergencies, particularly in Philippine airports.

Through this initiative, selected units are prepared to collaborate, and leverage their expertise, resources, and efforts to achieve shared goals and enhance national security.

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