3 Dutertes to run for senator in 2025

3 Dutertes to run for senator in 2025

VICE President Sara Duterte granted an interview to the media at the OVP Pride Reception held at a hotel in Cagayan de Oro City.

Here, she revealed the Duterte family’s plans for the upcoming 2025 and 2028 elections— and that three Dutertes will run for senator in the midterm elections.

“They are all ready to run. PRRD—senator. My brother, Paolo Duterte, the current congressman— senator, Sebastian Duterte.”

“Three Dutertes next year.”

“Yes it’s confirmed,” according to Vice President Sara Duterte, Republic of the Philippines.

Her mother, Elizabeth Zimmerman, said that Mayor Baste will run for president in 2028.

VP Sara Duterte to run again for Davao mayor

But what are Vice President Duterte’s plans?

“My mother said I should go back to Davao and run for mayor,” she stated.

When asked if she would run for Davao City mayor in 2025 or 2028, this was her response:

“We will discuss it,” she said.

There is no discussion about her resigning as the vice president of the country at the moment.

VP Duterte on her relationship with Marcos Jr.: I believe we’re still friends

But how is Vice President Duterte’s relationship with President Bongbong Marcos after she resigned as the Secretary of the Department of Education and left the president’s cabinet?

“I would think. I believe President Bongbong Marcos and I are still friends,” she stressed.

Next DepEd Secretary should be a leader and manager—VP Sara

Vice President Duterte has no idea who will replace her as DepEd Secretary, but she welcomes whoever will be appointed to the position.

This was her response to the suggestion that the next DepEd secretary should come from the education sector.

“The position of secretary is a position of trust and confidence. Secondly, there are no specific requirements for an education secretary. In fact, in Southeast Asia, not all education secretaries are from the education sector. Primarily, a secretary should be a leader and a manager,” VP Duterte explained.

VP Sara Duterte explains scar on her neck

Meanwhile, the vice president was asked about her viral video regarding the scar on her neck.

“It doesn’t need an interpretation. It’s very straightforward. I was asked about the wound on my neck and I said they tried to strangle me but they didn’t succeed.” (Who are they, VP?) “All of them,” she said.

Meanwhile, Vice President Duterte had no comment on House Speaker Martin Romualdez’s recent statement expressing that he misses her.

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