3 political parties now in alliance with PFP, 4th party expected in July

3 political parties now in alliance with PFP, 4th party expected in July

RECENTLY, the ‘Alyansa para sa Bagong Pilipinas’ (Alliance for the New Philippines) was held. This is the alliance signing between the ‘Partido Federal ng Pilipinas’ (PFP) led by President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and the National Unity Party (NUP).

The leader of the House of Representatives also just announced that the Nacionalista Party is expected to join the administration coalition of the PFP by the end of the month.

It can be remembered that the speaker’s party—LAKAS-CMD—formed an alliance with the PFP on May 8, which was followed by the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC) on the May 18.

But what are these coalitions for?

The House Speaker said that this move is to ensure that all major political parties will be in alliance with the President’s Federal Party.

Filipino public allied themselves with Dutertes—Atty. Panelo

Meanwhile, on the possibility that this move was done to intimidate the Dutertes’ supporters, this was the response of former Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Atty. Salvador Panelo.

“It’s as if they are showing [that] all parties are already with us, so you’re no competition. He (former President Rodrigo Duterte) won because the public allied themselves with Duterte.”

Atty. Panelo also said that President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. is “suffering by comparison” due to former President Rodrigo Duterte’s unique brand of leadership.

“That’s why President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. is pitiful in a way Duterte had an intense effect [on the people]. They clamor, they are hungry. They are thirsty for the brand of leadership that Duterte has given to our country,” said Atty. Panelo.

‘Game Over’ in Philippine political arena if Sara Duterte runs for president, father for VP in 2028

Meanwhile, Atty. Panelo stressed that in the event that Sara Duterte runs for President along with her father, Rodrigo Duterte as Vice President in 2028, then it will be “game over” in the political arena.

 “If VP Inday Sara runs together with PRRD in 2028, that’s a combination so powerful that game will be over. When that is declared, those opponents – those politicians, they will run back to Duterte because they know [he] will win and it’s dangerous for them not to be in alliance with Duterte,” said Atty. Panelo.

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