A plea to the government by JMCFI students

A plea to the government by JMCFI students

THIS photo shows some of the students of Jose Maria College Foundation, Inc. (JMCFI); students who came from different religions: a Born-again Christian, my friends who are Catholics and another friend who is an Islam.

Again, JMCFI is a non-sectarian in administration and is open to any students regardless of religious background. JMCFI is a separate corporate entity.

Please let us students continue to learn without any having fear on what will happen in the next morning. Today should be an exciting day for us learners who will take classes for this summer but all of the sudden received a notice to shift to an asynchronous due to the recent happening – presence of armies and police outside the School campus.

I have met some of the members of KOJC since 2014, I’ve also spoke to them and mind you, they are soft-spoken, kind and peacemakers.

”Wa sad tawon mi nila walihi because again” JMCFI is a non-sectarian institution.

”We are here to learn”.



Editor’s Note: This article has been sourced from the Beryl Jean Mangaron Cantiberos Facebook Page.


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