AboitizLand introduces contactless end-to-end homebuying

The current health situation has compelled many organizations to revisit ways on how they can continue operating amid the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) that has led to the disruption of services.

Real estate developer AboitizLand Inc. is one of the companies that works around this setback by offering digital-based home buying options to their valued clients who want to accelerate the property buying process in the safety of their homes.

With the ECQ forcing many businesses – including the property development industry – to temporarily cease operations, AboitizLand’s Contactless Home Buying service is a welcome development at a time when the housing sector plays an integral role in softening the effects of COVID-19 on the health of the economy and its people.

The Subdivision and Housing Developers Association (SHDA) Inc., the country’s largest organization of subdivision and housing developers aiming to promote developers’ welfare and provide decent and affordable housing, has proposed various measures so that the sector can continuously stimulate the economy, and at the same time ensure the safety of the population during these unprecedented times.

One of the proposed courses of action is for financial institutions and property developers to make property purchases and home loan takeouts feasible and uncomplicated under these extraordinary circumstances.

For its part, AboitizLand is adapting to the implementing rules of quarantine by employing innovative steps in its home buying process. From property viewing to unit reservation, everything can now be accomplished through its digital platform – thereby reducing the need for face-to-face interaction.

“During these times, it’s truly Better at Home. We recognize the urgency of owning a house in a safe and secure neighborhood, which is why we intend to make the buying process easier and more attainable for our clients,” AboitizLand CEO and President David Rafael said.

He added that the company believes “everyone deserves a good home which will serve as his and his family’s sanctuary in the face of this pandemic.”


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