Admin candidates may lose in 2025 midterm elections ─commentator

Admin candidates may lose in 2025 midterm elections ─commentator

THE filing of candidacies for the 2025 midterm elections is set to begin in October.

This includes candidates for senator, district representatives, and Partylist representatives.

With the current state of the Philippines under the present administration, political commentator Jay Sonza shares his insights on the possible outcome of the election.

‘’Our experience with midterm elections is that you need to be aligned with the administration to win. But as many see it now, being aligned with the Marcos-Romualdez administration is like shooting yourself in the foot. You lose all your chances,’’ Jay Sonza said.

According to Sonza, public sentiment still favors the Dutertes,

He cited the public’s reaction— as well as the strong reactions made by politicians and critics— to Vice President Sara Duterte’s announcement that her father, former President Rodrigo Duterte, and her brothers, Congressman Pulong and Davao City Mayor Baste Duterte, will run for senator.

‘’As I’ve said, why are they worried? Why are they troubled if they run together? Almost everyone runs together anyway,’’ saad nito.

Sonza also questions claims that the Dutertes are greedy for power.

‘’Why do some say they are greedy for power? If you think about it, the Romualdez and Marcos families have been in politics for generations,’’ dagdag nito.

Former President Duterte has said Vice President Sara’s remark was not serious.

He also insisted he has no plans to return to politics due to his age.

Meanwhile, Sonza believes the decision ultimately rests with the Filipino people on who they want to elect into office.

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