Adopted son of Romblon, Bong Go applauds local leaders at Philippine Councilors’ League – Romblon Chapter gathering in Manila City

Adopted son of Romblon, Bong Go applauds local leaders at Philippine Councilors’ League – Romblon Chapter gathering in Manila City

AT the Bayview Park Hotel in Manila City, Senator Christopher “Bong” Go attended the Philippine Councilors’ League – Romblon Chapter meeting on Thursday, June 6, delivering a powerful speech highlighting the critical role of councilors in improving their communities.

Addressing the assembly of local leaders, Senator Go, an adopted son of Romblon, began by expressing his deep respect and admiration for the councilors. “You have been chosen as leaders of your respective areas because the people who believe in you,” he said. “You embody the trust and hopes of your constituents, and your dedication keeps our communities strong and resilient.”

The Senator underscored councilors’ unique and significant responsibilities, acknowledging that their roles, though varied in title, are fundamental to governance. “Even though we have different job titles, our tasks are equally important,” Go noted.

“Sa totoo lang, pareho lang ang trabaho natin. Ang pinagkaiba lang, kayo sa municipal o city level, habang kaming mga senador sa national level. Bilang mga konsehal, kayo ay nasa isang mahalagang posisyon upang magdulot ng positibong pagbabago sa inyong mga komunidad,” Go underscored.

He emphasized councilors’ vital position as the first point of contact for many citizens. “You are often the first ones people seek help from, and your dedication ensures that their concerns reach the national government if needed,” he explained.

“Alam ko po na pare-parehas tayo ng bisyo dito. Bisyo po natin ang magserbisyo sa ating mga kababayan. Lagi tayong go lang nang go sa pagbibigay ng serbisyong nararapat para sa ating mga kapwa Pilipino,” said Go.

Highlighting the theme of good governance, Senator Go articulated its importance in fostering the progress and development of Romblon. “Efficient and effective governance is crucial for the progress and development of Romblon,” he stated. He encouraged the councilors to continue upholding the principles of transparency, accountability, and service to the people.

Senator Go also took the opportunity to outline his commitment to supporting local governance through legislative measures. “As a lawmaker, I am committed to pushing for initiatives that empower you as leaders and enable you to serve your communities better,” he pledged.

He mentioned specific programs designed to enhance local governance and provide the necessary resources for councilors to address their constituents’ needs.

Go authored and co-sponsored RA 11466 or the Salary Standardization Law 5 (SSL 5). The measure mandates an increased salary, broken down into tranches, for all civilian government employees. The Senator also expressed his support for another proposed salary increase for government workers, building upon the success of SSL 5.

He filed Senate Bill No. 2504, which proposes another salary increase for government employees through the “Salary Standardization Law VI (SSL6)” if enacted.

Go has proactively pushed for legislative measures to empower local governance. He discussed Senate Bill 194, the E-Governance Act, which he has filed to modernize government operations and make public services more accessible.

If enacted into law, this bill will establish an integrated and interconnected information and resource-sharing network across national and local governments. This will include creating an internal records management system, an information database, and digital portals for public service delivery.

The event, which was led by PCL Romblon President Jay Fabella and was also attended by Romblon vice mayors and Provincial Board Member Jojo Beltran, among others, was not only a platform for Senator Go to share his vision but also a celebration of the collective achievements of the Romblon councilors.

The Senator also thanked Congressman Atty. Eleandro Madrona, Governor Jose Riano, and Vice Governor Armando Gutierrez for always prioritizing the people of Romblon.

The Senator’s words resonated with the attendees, inspiring renewed dedication and enthusiasm for their roles. Furthermore, Go gave away fruits, basketballs, volleyballs, snacks, and sling bags to the councilors in attendance.

Senator Go concluded his speech with a message of solidarity and encouragement. “Together, we can achieve great things for Romblon. Let us continue to work hand in hand, guided by our commitment to public service and our love for our communities,” he urged.

To further boost regional development and economic growth in Romblon, Go, vice chairperson of the Senate Committee on Finance, supported improving and rehabilitating the municipal park and plaza in Banton.

He also supported the construction of multipurpose buildings in Ferrol, Romblon, and Santa Maria; the improvement of the municipal park in Banton; road improvements in Cajidiocan, Looc, Romblon, San Fernando, and Sta. Fe; and acquisition of ambulance units in Sta. Maria.

Known as Mr. Malasakit for his compassion for the poor, Senator Bong Go’s presence reaffirmed his unwavering support for grassroots leadership.

Earlier that day, Go was in Albay and attended the 29th Commencement Exercises for college students, as well as the 8th Commencement and 7th Completion Exercises for high school students at the Southern Luzon Technological College Foundation Inc. (SLTCFI), held at the Ibalong Centrum for Recreation in Legazpi City.

Following this event, he inaugurated the New Legazpi Evacuation Center, a project he supported as Vice Chairman of the Senate Committee on Finance. He also attended the 2nd Bicol Social Media Summit 2024 at the Casablanca Convention Center.


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