Agri groups to seek Supreme Court vs EO 62

Agri groups to seek Supreme Court vs EO 62

FARMERS’ groups believe that appealing to the Supreme Court (SC) is the best solution to prevent the implementation of Executive Order (EO) 62, which imposes a 15% tariff on imported agricultural products.

According to the Samahang Industriya ng Agrikultura (SINAG), the Marcos administration has yet to address their grievances.

The group has previously stated that EO 62 would be detrimental to the agri sector as the market will be flooded with imported agricultural products.

As a result, SINAG, the Federation of Free Farmers (FFF), and the United Broiler Raisers Association Incorporated (UBRAI) will file a petition in the Supreme Court for certiorari with urgent prayer for a temporary restraining order.

The agri sector’s patience has run out because the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) and the Tariff Commission disregarded the consultations mandated by law.

“The problem with Executive Order 62 is that it’s not temporary. It seems permanent. They say there will be a review every 4 months, but the review process is also by NEDA. NEDA proposed it, NEDA heard the proposal, NEDA decided, and NEDA will review it. So, it’s hopeless,” said Jayson Cainglet, Executive Director, SINAG.

With the falling price of palay, farmers are more worried about their harvest in the last quarter of the year.

“The price of palay has dropped to P17, P18 from P30. So, our farmers are very concerned that by the time we harvest in the 4th quarter, the price they will get for palay will plummet,” added Cainglet.

The SINAG group also refuted the government’s claim that the price of rice would decrease by P4-P6 in the market due to EO 62. The group hopes that the SC will listen to their grievances regarding this issue.

Meanwhile, the Philippine Chamber of Agriculture and Food Incorporated (PCAFI) sent an open letter to President Bongbong Marcos. This is still in connection with EO 62 issued by the palace.

“What we are proposing to the President, we are merely suggesting for his consideration that there is an existing law, Republic Act 8800, the Special Safeguard Mechanism, that when an industry is threatened or possibly destroyed because of importation, the Secretary of Agriculture through the Department of Finance can impose a special safeguard duty if necessary,” said Danilo Fausto, President, PCAFI.

The PCAFI recommended to the President to mobilize financial resources for the sector, coordinate with local governments to directly purchase the harvest from farmers and cooperatives, and increase the storage facility of the National Food Authority (NFA) to buy more palay from farmers.

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