Agusan del Sur showcases bountiful harvest

Agusan del Sur showcases bountiful harvest

THE Agusan del Sur Provincial Government highlighted their bountiful harvest at the 31st Naliyagan Festival.

This is the annual celebration of the Agusan del Sur Provincial Government to express gratitude for the year-round blessings.

This year’s Naliyagan Festival showcases the bountiful harvest of each local government unit.

Various fruits are on display.

Locally-grown vegetables are also showcased.

The Talacogon LGU takes pride in their mudfish and catfish.

“Actually, Agusan del Sur is diversified. It is composed of rice, corn, rubber, and, of course, for the USAD (Upland Sustainable Agri-forestry Development) Program, cacao, rice, and abaca,” Jina Mondejar Saes, Talacogon LGU Booth said.

The province is also popular for its dried fish, particularly dried dalag as well as its history.

The province practices science-based farming.

Soil analysis is conducted on agricultural lands before the cropping season begins.

Through this process, the province determines the appropriate type and amount of fertilizer to be used, resulting in a bountiful harvest.

“They have a yield from their farms, but when it comes to profit and loss, the profit is relatively low. Our aim here is to increase their yield and reduce their costs,” Governor Santi Cane Jr., Province of Agusan del Sur said.

This morning, a soil health forum was led by provincial officials.

Hundreds of Upland Sustainable Agri-forestry Development (USAD) program beneficiaries attended the forum.

Farmers were taught the basics of soil science.

“That’s why we want to emphasize that the previous practice of continuously providing fertilizer without considering the consequences, such as making the soil acidic due to excessive fertilizer application, is no longer acceptable,” Rep. Eddiebong Plaza, 2nd District, Agusan del Sur said.

Plaza is pushing for a Soil Test-Based Fertilization Program at the national level to improve crop yields.

He seeks the prayers and support of his constituents as he advocates for this program at the national level.

“I humbly request that you join me in appealing to the higher authorities, the national government, and other governors, as Governor Cane is already convinced. I hope to convince the others,” Plaza added.


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