Air Europa flight hit by ‘severe’ turbulence

Air Europa flight hit by ‘severe’ turbulence

AFTER the strong turbulence in the Air Europe flight, dozens of passengers were sent to the hospital.

One had to undergo surgery and four others were in the ICU. k

To recall, a video went viral on the internet, showing other passengers helping rescue a man stuck inside the overhead compartment, where he had been thrown into due to the severe turbulence.

30 people received medical care at the airport, while 10 had to be transported to the hospital for further examination.

According to local reports, one of the passengers had to undergo surgery while four more were in the ICU.

To recall, the Air Europa flight had departed Madrid and was en route to Uruguay when the incident happened– the plane had an emergency landing in Brazil to address the medical needs of the passengers.

Meanwhile, the incident is still under investigation.

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