Amid WPS tension, Chinese-Filipino business group to launch “Friendship Walk” in Manila

Amid WPS tension, Chinese-Filipino business group to launch “Friendship Walk” in Manila

THE disputed West PH Sea is still a hot issue in the Philippines.

Just recently, Philippine Navy condemned the recent military exercise by China in Sabina Shoal.

The Filipino-Chinese Business Group on the other hand chose not to engage in the West Philippine Sea Dispute.

FFCCCII President Dr. Cecilio Pedro reiterates call to set aside the issue, emphasizing the need for diplomacy.

“You know, our problem with China, in the WPS, nothing will happen there, right? We will never give up our sovereignty. That is given. We will not allow our sovereignty to be given up. That’s not possible. But China has their own concerns, their own problems, they don’t want to give up either. They don’t want to surrender there either. Because the China Sea is important to them. So, what about us? Do you want to go to war? That’s not good for us. Right? So, nobody wants a war in this area. So, the best thing is to set it aside. Let’s put that problem aside for now. Let’s jointly use the area. You can enter. We can also go. It’s just water. It’s not land. It’s different when it comes to land. It’s just water. If you want to fish, go ahead, let’s fish together. That’s not a problem. There is enough to share,” said Dr. Cecilio Pedro, President, FFCCCII.

Pedro said that is better for us to focus more on trade that will improve the lives of the Filipinos.

“Let’s promote trade. Let’s prioritize what needs promotion. We have much to work on, much to do for our nation to progress. First and foremost, let’s build not POGOs, but manufacturing. Let’s focus on manufacturing to create jobs,” Pedro said.

On Sunday, June 9th, the FFCCCII will conduct a Friendship Walk in Manila, in solidarity with Independence Day on June 12th, to affirm the friendship between Chinese-Filipinos and Filipinos.

This coincides with the celebration of Filipino-Chinese Friendship Day.

The Friendship Walk will be attended by around 5,000 FFCCCII members and will be opened for everyone who wants to participate.

The Friendship Walk will commence at five in the morning on Sunday at the Binondo Intramuros Bridge in Binondo, Manila, and will conclude at the Bonifacio and Katipunan Revolution Shrine on Padre Burgos Avenue, Manila.

The event will include a wreath-laying ceremony honoring revolutionaries who showed heroism for Philippine independence, such as Jose Rizal and the Filipino-Chinese Guerillas who fought against Japanese Military Invaders, alongside other Chinese immigrants who became Filipino revolutionaries.

The Friendship Walk will be simultaneously held in other locations across the country, including Bacolod, Cebu, Tacloban, and Palawan.

“This is a project to let Filipinos know that FilipinoChinese blood is here for the Philippines. We are here because we believe in our nation. We are here to contribute to our country and we want to see it progress,” he added.


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