Anti-war citizens reject U.S. proxy war in Philippines vs China

Anti-war citizens reject U.S. proxy war in Philippines vs China

A group of anti-war citizens said personal interests of the Marcos administration are the reason for its friendship with America and not the interests of the Filipino people.

This is why they launched a movement to show that many Filipinos are united in strongly opposing the attempt of US and Marcos admin to launch a proxy war against China.

This is the cry of the Coalition of Citizens Against War in a forum for the NO TO US-BBM PROXY WAR in Quezon City on Wednesday.

Jeffrey “Ka Eric” Celiz, Peter “Ka Ramon” Mutuc, former NTF-ELCAC Undersecretary Lorraine Badoy, former Presidential Spokesperson Atty. Harry Roque, and other personalities, are also part of this movement.

For them, the primary focus of the current administration is the interest of America rather than the interest of the Filipino people. This is why they believe there is a secret collusion between BBM and the U.S.

The coalition is also calling for the end of the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement or EDCA bases in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, former rebels believe that those who used to clamor for the downfall of American imperialism have become complicit.

The coalition fears that the Philippines may already be in a state of proxy war related to tensions between China and Taiwan.

This comes after they reportedly received news of covert arrivals of missiles and other war materials in Region 1.

Over a hundred individuals from the Coalition have signed an anti-war manifesto.

The goal is to hold signing ceremonies in schools and various communities across the Philippines and abroad.

People can also join the anti-war movement by signing the manifesto via online.


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