Anti-war group calls for PBBM to step down

Anti-war group calls for PBBM to step down

THE Marcos Jr. administration has not even reached its halfway mark, yet protests against the government are already rampant.

Not just in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, but even abroad, Filipinos have one unified call.

Just days after the National Day of Protest on June 30, attended by thousands of Filipinos worldwide, people gathered again to call for President Marcos to step down.

Hundreds of volunteers from the “Mamamayan Ayaw ng Digmaan” (People Against War) and “Marcos Alis Diyan” (Marcos, Resign) movements united to voice their grievances to the government.

“Our government has three branches: Executive, Legislative, and Judiciary. What have you done now? What have you done for this country? Why can’t you stand up for the people, especially with the threat of war where we could all die?” said Ben Ranque, Former Usec. DOE.

According to former Department of Energy (DOE) Undersecretary Ben Ranque, they formed the Marcos Alis Diyan or Marcos Resign movement because they are fed up with the current administration’s inefficiency and lack of results.

“We launched the Marcos Alis Diyan movement because we’ve had enough. Enough is enough. We have had enough trouble. There is already a lot of chaos, hunger is on the rise, drugs and crime have returned, and where is the promised 20 pesos per kilo of rice? Are you even thinking?” said Ranque.

Former Philippine diplomat and political analyst Adolfo Paglinawan warned that the Philippines is now at risk due to the presence of Americans. For former Philippine Diplomat and Political Analyst Adolfo Paglinawan, the country is now at risk due to the presence of Americans.

“Since 2003, they went to Iraq and waged war. They went to Afghanistan and waged war. They went to Syria, Libya, and now they are in Ukraine. My countrymen, all the places I mentioned are destroyed countries, and now I have bad news for you: they are here in the Philippines, and we are next to be destroyed,” said Adolfo Paglinawan, Former Philippine Diplomat, Political Analyst.

He emphasized that with the missile systems set up by the Americans in the Philippines, the country is now on the radar of nuclear systems of more powerful nations, potentially making it a target for attacks at any moment.

“If they load that system with Tomahawks [missile], we could be targeted. What has happened now? We are now on China’s nuclear map, Russia’s nuclear map, and North Korea’s nuclear map,” added Paglinawan.

This is the groups’ motivation behind their protest actions.

“Americans are our friends, but we do not like their foreign policy. They come here as if we are still their colony. They have to ask us, they have to ask the people if we agree, not just talk to one person who might be out of his mind,” said Ranque.

Furthermore, Muslims and overseas Filipino workers have a message for President Marcos.

“We Muslims, you may remember the Marawi siege. We do not want a repeat of what happened in Marawi, where the fighting was relentless. That’s why we Muslims are here because we do not want a repeat of the past,” said Zaira Ampuan, Muslim Sector.

“Dear President, remember what you said during your campaign, that your dreams are the dreams of the Filipino people. Were you out of your mind when you said that? No Filipino wants war, no Filipino wants danger for their families. Now, General Brawner, look at the state of the Philippines. We are not ready for any conflict,” said Laurence Luntaga, representative, OFW.

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