Arroyo, Ungab speak out after being removed as deputy speakers in House of Representatives

Arroyo, Ungab speak out after being removed as deputy speakers in House of Representatives

FORMER President and now Pampanga Representative Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and Davao City 3rd District Representative Isidro Ungab were removed from their positions as Deputy Speakers in the House.

During the session held on Tuesday, November 7, House Deputy Majority Leader Ramon Nolasco, Jr’s motion to remove Arroyo and Ungab as Deputy Speakers was approved by the plenary of lawmakers.

Lanao del Sur Representative Yasser Balindong and Isabela Representative Tonypet Albano were appointed to replace them.

In a statement released by Congressman Ungab, he expressed his acceptance of the House leadership’s decision to remove him from the position of Deputy Speaker.

He acknowledged the dynamics and interpersonal relations among his colleagues and thanked everyone who supported him during his tenure.

“I accept the decision of the House Leadership to remove me from my position as Deputy Speaker. I have been in Congress long enough to understand the dynamics and interpersonal relations among its members,” according to Rep. Isidro T. Ungab, Davao City, 3rd District.

He also expressed his gratitude to all those who contributed to his meaningful tenure as Deputy Speaker.

“I would like to thank all those who were instrumental in making my tenure as deputy speaker meaningful, memorable and worthwhile,” he added.

Despite his removal, Ungab pledged to continue supporting the current administration, believing in its potential to bring hope and a better future for the Filipino people.

“Despite my removal, I remain supportive of this administration, believing in its program of government, as I have also helped in the campaign last year, in the belief that it can bring a better hope and future for the Filipino people,” he said.

Ungab said he fulfilled his duties with the best intentions and deep love for the country.

“I accept my fate without any rancor nor bitterness. I leave the Deputy Speakership’s position assured that I have performed my duties well, with the best intentions and great love for my country,” Ungab said.

Meanwhile, Congresswoman Arroyo made two points after being removed as Deputy Speaker.

The first is that, upon learning of President Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr.’s preference for Speaker, which was Congressman Martin Romualdez, Arroyo decided to support him as Speaker and had conveyed this to the President in writing.

“First, from the time that I learned that President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr’s preference for Speaker was, and is, then Congressman Martin Romualdez, I took the position that I will support him as Speaker. I had advised the President of this in writing,” according to Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Pampanga, 2nd District.

The second is that she denied any support or actions to remove Speaker Romualdez from his position, emphasizing that she had given up her plans to aspire for the Speakership again in this and any future Congress she would be part of.

“Second, I have never taken or supported any action to remove Speaker Romualdez from his position. In fact, I have publicly stated that I have given up any plans to aspire for the Speakership again, in this and any future Congress that I would have the honor to be part of,” she added.

Arroyo acknowledged that there are intrigues in politics but clarified that she remained true to her word to President Marcos and would continue to support Speaker Martin Romualdez.

She urged everyone to focus on more pressing national issues.

“But even as an ordinary Congressman, I will remain true to my word to President Marcos, I will continue to support his preferred man for House Speaker, and that is Speaker Martin Romualdez. Having made myself clear, I think we should now move on to more pressing national concerns,” she said.

The decision to remove Arroyo and Ungab as Deputy Speakers came after they did not sign House Resolution No. 1414 expressing support for Speaker Martin Romualdez’s leadership.

On Monday, during the reopening of the Lower House session, the House Speaker mentioned his intention to fight those trying to undermine the House.

Senior Deputy Speaker Dong Gonzales, Jr. identified Former President Rodrigo Duterte as one of those seeking to harm the institution.

It’s worth noting that both Arroyo and Ungab were allies of former President Duterte.

However, former President Duterte had previously emphasized his call for transparency in the House’s budget and had no intention of causing harm.

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