Atty. Panelo doesn’t believe Congress is not dictated by the president

Atty. Panelo doesn’t believe Congress is not dictated by the president

BASED on the history of the Philippines, former Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Atty. Salvador Panelo is not convinced that the president does not meddle nor dictate either Houses of Congress.

“The history of the Philippines shows that no change in the Senate, in the House of Representatives happens without the knowledge, or involvement, or is not dictated by the president of the country. That’s the history of that,” according to Atty. Salvador ‘Sal’ Panelo, Former Chief Presidential Legal Counsel.

“Who did not interfere, did not care, did not interfere, and did not want to interfere. That is President Duterte,” Atty. Panelo added.

Duterte, the only president who didn’t meddle in Congress

The former cabinet member of former President Rodrigo Roa Duterte cited that in the previous administration, there was a change of leadership in the Senate but Duterte was not aware of it.

“When he assumed [as president], the Senate president was ‘Koko’ Pimentel. I talked to Senator ‘Koko’ Pimentel because I was writing the article – I wanted it to be factual. I asked him, “How were you replaced?” Senator Koko said, “I was not replaced. Nobody replaced me.” I said, “So how were you removed?” “I was not removed either. I willingly gave to a fellow senator because he was always telling me, ‘Even if I became Senate President for just one day, it’s okay.’” And he said, “Me, I’m not hungry for position.” In other words, this ‘Koko’ Pimentel,” Panelo stated.

That he also wanted to become Senate president, he gave it. Long story short, that’s why the transition was so good – no one was upset, no one was forced. It really went well.

Congress asked Duterte for help in previous admin

Meanwhile, in the Lower House of Congress, former President Duterte had to intervene because of the conflict between Congressman Lord Allan Velasco, former Congressman Alan Peter Cayetano and Martin Romualdez. Panelo said the three had asked Duterte for help to settle their disagreement.

Panelo added that the former president respects the equal branch of government because…

“He is respectful of the equal branch of the government. But this present Senate and the previous ones, is really not an equal branch – unequal and subservient,” he added.

Atty. Panelo added that Duterte did not have to meddle with the lawmakers because they knew the former president’s programs were good which is why he had their support.

Misinformation intended to destroy Duterte admin destroys Marcos admin instead—Atty. Panelo

On the other hand, Atty. Panelo has a message for the staff of the current administration who are giving the wrong information to President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. With the intent of destroying the image of the Duterte administration.

“Actually, they are destroying the image of the [current Marcos] administration. Like I said earlier, what are you? Are you secret enemies of President Marcos Jr? Because the issues that you are throwing against the previous administration boomerangs. That’s the problem,” he ended.


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