Atty. Panelo: PDEA protecting Pres. Marcos Jr. is no surprise

Atty. Panelo: PDEA protecting Pres. Marcos Jr. is no surprise

A former Chief Presidential Legal Counsel has a challenge for the current Philippine administration amid the country’s mainstream media’s deafening silence on the senate investigation on two issues linking President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. to illegal drugs.

‘‘It’s no surprise. Of course, they will protect the one they are protecting. There is no other explanation. It’s clear that the leaked document was authenticated by the person who signed it so it’s very obvious,’’ Atty. Salvador ‘’Sal’’ Panelo, Former Chief Presidential Legal Counsel, said.

This was the response of Former Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Atty. Salvador Panelo on what House Deputy Majority Leader and Tingog Party-List Representative Jude Acidre said after he called Former Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) Jonathan Morales a liar.

This is in relation to the alleged leaked PDEA documents that were made public by well-known vlogger Maharlika which links President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. to illegal drugs.

Morales said the documents which he himself signed are legitimate.

But for to Congressman Acidre, this is just part of a bigger effort to discredit and destabilize the Marcos Jr. Administration.

Acidre didn’t let Morales’ “shady past” pass either.

On Tuesday, the Senate Committee on Public Order and Dangerous Drugs headed by Senator Ronald ‘Bato’ Dela Rosa investigated the issues that involve the president – the leaked PDEA documents and the recent drug haul in Alitagtag, Batangas.

But until now, President Marcos Jr. still hasn’t responded to these issues especially on his alleged use of illegal drugs.

‘‘Perhaps he feels it’s unimportant to him but there’s a danger there when your perception is like that and you fail to respond because people’s suspicions will only worsen. It will affect his job,’’ according to Atty. Sal Panelo.

Atty. Panelo challenges Sen. Dela Rosa’s companions

Panelo challenged Senator Dela Rosa’s companions in the Senate Committee on Public Order and Dangerous Drugs to cooperate in the said investigation.

Meanwhile, there are calls to have vlogger Maharlika invited to the next hearing on the 7th of May.

‘‘You know, even if she doesn’t appear, that document got handed to her, she just made it public, so to speak. That’s all she did,’’ Atty. Panelo said.

Atty. Panelo to Senate: Summon Pres. Marcos Jr., Maricel Soriano in next hearing

Besides this, the Former Chief Presidential Legal Counsel also called to have president Marcos Jr. summoned as well as actress Maricel Soriano who is alleged to be with an alias ‘Bonget’ in the leaked PDEA Pre-Ops report.

In an interview with SMNI Thursday night, the Former Philippine National Police Chief shared that Soriano has accepted the invitation and the actress has confirmed that she will attend the next hearing.

‘‘Most likely, Maricel Soriano will say… there are plans to raid you. Are you using drugs? Of course, her answer will be, “Oh, no.” [Of course.] “No.” When she says, “Is there truth or not?” “Oh, I’m not aware of that. Ask the one operating. Why are you asking me?” Atty. Panelo added.

Atty. Panelo: Marcos Jr. Administration, expected to discredit Jonathan Morales

Meanwhile, Panelo said it was expected for the Marcos administration to destroy Morales after making statements against the president.

‘‘What’s important is the person who signed it and it’s Morales. And he shared what had happened. Now, those in the administration are undermining his credibility. That’s expected because they must defend the president. It’s a natural course that they will have to take. That’s natural. The people will be the one to judge that – believe me. Whatever happens there.’’

‘‘I think the people already have a judgment there,’’ Atty. Panelo added.

Currently, the public is calling for President Marcos Jr. to undergo a credible hair follicle drug test amid allegations that he is using illegal drugs.

Panelo to Marcos Jr. Admin: Listen to the voice of the people

And because it seems these people’s griefs and what they are calling for fail to be heard, Atty. Panelo has a warning to those in power.

‘‘My message to those in power: listen carefully to the voice of the people. Do not wait for that voice to no longer be a voice that comes out; maybe [next time] a different part of the body will take action,’’ Panelo stated.


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