Atty. Salvador Panelo calls Hontiveros a ‘pretender’

Atty. Salvador Panelo calls Hontiveros a ‘pretender’

FORMER Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Atty. Salvador Panelo responded to Risa Hontiveros‘ statement, which says Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy’s days are over in light of the issued warrant of arrest by the Davao City Regional Trial Court.

Panelo conveyed his response to Hontiveros through a song—which he said appropriately fits her personality.

“Those we call pretenders—they’re hypocritical. It suddenly reminded me of the [song], “Oh, I’m the great pretender.” It suits these pretenders,” said Atty. Salvador Panelo – Former Presidential Legal Counsel.

Panelo further stated that Hontiveros and others intervening in the issue against the revered pastor are just politicking.

The former presidential legal counsel also took a jab at left-wing representatives Arlene Brosas and France Castro.

“According to France Castro, the decision of the RTC Davao is an important step towards obtaining justice for his victims while Arlene Brosas said, ‘It is a strong reminder that individuals who hold power and influence often exploit and abuse the vulnerable.”

“That’s what Brosas said, for such a long time, Pastor managed to evade justice. This raises questions about the network— and powerful individuals who may have been directly involved in helping him conduct his illegal activities. An investigation must be conducted not only into his crimes but also into his connections as it is conceivable he would have avoided accountability for so long without assistance from influential people aiding him and betting him,” Panelo stressed.

“You are those people. You are referring to yourselves. You who hold power and abuse it. You are exactly that. Both of you [Castro and Brosas] from your party lists,” he added.

Atty. Harry Roque: Revival of dismissed case vs Pastor ACQ violates his rights

On the other hand, Atty. Harry Roque believes that the revival of the long-dismissed case violates Pastor Apollo’s rights.

“The four-year pendency of the petition for review, which suddenly got twisted or reversed, is a violation of the rights of an accused. Imagine, it’s been pending for four years in the DOJ, then it’s pending with the prosecutor of Davao, and after that, it gets dismissed by the prosecutor of Davao,” Atty. Harry Roque – Former Presidential Spokesperson stated.


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