Australian army opens ranks to foreign military recruits

Australian army opens ranks to foreign military recruits

THE Australian Defense Force (ADF) wants to expand its numbers in the face of what it says are growing national security threats in the region.

Starting in July, New Zealand nationals who are permanent residents of Australia can apply to join the Australian military.

Meanwhile, recruits from the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada are welcome to apply from January 2025.

Those wishing to join must have been permanent residents of Australia for more than a year and must not have served in any foreign military in the past two years.

Australian Defense Minister Richard Marles said changes in the army’s eligibility requirements are important to meet the nation’s security demand through the next decade and beyond.

The Australian Defence Force is already short about 5000 people, according to the latest government estimates.

Australia is also teaming up with the United Kingdom and the United States in building nuclear-powered submarines under the so-called AUKUS trilateral security agreement to counter China’s increasing influence in the Asia-Pacific region.

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