Authorities’ raid on KOJC compounds is harassment, intimidation, abuse of authority—Political Commentator

Authorities’ raid on KOJC compounds is harassment, intimidation, abuse of authority—Political Commentator

THE raid by various authorities on the Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KOJC) compounds in Davao City was described by a political commentator as excessive harassment and intimidation. Despite having only an arrest warrant, the authorities were in full battle gear.

“This is a form of harassment, intimidation, and excess. That’s my description of it,” according to Jay Sonza, Political Commentator.

Political commentator Jay Sonza described the raid by PNP-SAF, CIDG, and other police members on the compounds of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ in Davao City on Monday morning as an act of harassment, intimidation, and abuse of authority.

In a video taken by members of the KOJC, the PNP forcibly entered the gate of the KOJC Central Compound but the tension was diffused.

At Glory Mountain, authorities also forcibly destroyed the gate even though they did not have a search warrant, according to KOJC lawyers, which they claim is a clear violation of the law.

Aside from destroying the gate, some individuals were also hurt and arrested.

In connection to this, a seasoned journalist questioned the authorities why the situation had to escalate to this point when it could have been resolved peacefully.

“In their several visits there, their coordination was fine. They were accepted well and accompanied well. Remember when they initially served the warrant of arrest issued by the Davao City RTC and the Senate warrant? It was fine. This is just the latest. This is really like they’re sending a message to the Davaoeños.”

“In showing this force, they are challenging what was previously, in Tagalog, ‘Don’t intimidate us anymore.” “We’ve been afraid for a long time. But don’t intimidate us because we also know how to rise up,” Sonza added.

Sonza emphasized that this action by the authorities against the respected pastor and the KOJC is more than overkill.

He also believes that the administration has intentions behind the raid on the compounds of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

“This is more than overkill. What is this? There really is intention behind this. From a sociological and political standpoint. This is sending a strong message not only to Apollo Quiboloy, not only to the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, not only to Mister Duterte who is appointed administrator of the properties of KOJC.” “It is sending a message to the people of Davao that this is what you should expect because you are going against us,” Sonza stressed.

Sonza’s point is that the administration itself is opposing its own people because of its policies that deceive the public, such as the distribution of ten thousand pesos in aid that allegedly only becomes one thousand five hundred pesos.

Finally, Sonza hopes that the raid by the authorities, especially since they were in full battle gear inside a religious compound, will not affect the minds of the children and students at Jose Maria College (JMC).


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