Bangkok is sinking: Thailand mulls relocating capital due to rising sea levels

Bangkok is sinking: Thailand mulls relocating capital due to rising sea levels

THE search for a new capital begins in Thailand amid fears that climate change threatens Bangkok’s existence and survival within the next century.

Is Bangkok disappearing from the world map?

This question sounds unbelievable and even hard to accept for many given that the Thai capital has established itself as an enduring legacy to foreign tourists across the globe.

Its vibrant street life, rich cultural heritage, and mouthwatering cuisine captured many hearts worldwide.

A senior official in the country’s climate change office on Wednesday said that the low-lying city of Bangkok risks being submerged by the ocean before the end of the century.

The official suggests Thailand should consider relocating its capital as Bangkok might not be able to adapt to the world’s current warming pathway.

Besides building a seawall to combat rising floodwaters, talks are also underway among government officials to relocate the capital.

The famous Thai capital sits at only 0.5 to 1.5 meters above sea level and is vulnerable to river flooding.

Experts said the ground under the city sinks around three centimeters per year.

Development projects destroyed ages-old canals and fields that used to soak up floodwaters while high-rise buildings have drained water underground.

Experts said that much of Bangkok will be underwater as early as 2030 under extreme sea level rise while the World Economic Forum said it could be entirely drowned and unusable by the year 2100.

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