BBM speaks one thing, does another— KOJC Exec.

BBM speaks one thing, does another— KOJC Exec.

SOME of the officials of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KOJC) said that President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. is saying another thing, and completely does another–this came after they were asked to comment on the President’s statement that he will supposedly exercise compassion to Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy and fair proceedings.

“We will exercise all the compassion to Pastor Quiboloy, we’ve known him for a very long time and ang maipapangako ko all the proceedings will be fair,” stated by Pres. Ferdinand Marcos Jr., Republic of the Philippines.

This was the response of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. when asked about the Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy’s fear for his life due to the United States’ planned rendition against him.

But as the days progress–with the violence and human rights violations experienced by KOJC missionary workers and members when hundreds of police in full battle gear attacked KOJC religious compounds in Davao City and Sarangani Province, and the recent issuance of a bounty against Pastor Apollo—the KOJC members felt anything but compassion.

For them, what Marcos Jr. was saying is far different from what he is really doing.

Injustices against Pastor Apollo is gov’t escape goat in dealing with real issues—KOJC minister

In a press conference held in Davao City, by the camp of KOJC, Bro. Carlo Catiil, one of the congregation’s resident ministers, said that the current attacks, suppression and oppression against Pastor Apollo is the government’s way of derailing from the real issues of the land.

“They are using the issues against Pastor Apollo as scapegoat. That’s why when they say they will extend full compassion for Pastor Apollo, I didn’t remember not even a single thing that they did extend that to Pastor. When Pastor asked you, Marcos Jr., if America has a hand on the matter, you did not answer, but you laughed, you’re like confirming that you are high. You were just laughing,” exclaimed Bro. Carlo Catiil, Resident Minister, KOJC.

“Those serious questions and serious issues–you were only laughing about it, even though they are not funny. That’s the kind of president we have,” he added.

If there’s anyone who should be asked about the true character of Pastor Quiboloy, it should be his workers who continue to serve the Kingdom, and not the former workers whose credibility are questionable.

Meanwhile, for Sis. Eleanor Cardona, the Executive Secretary of KOJC, BBM is speaking one thing, and showing another thing.

“This president speaks one thing and does another, so, everything he says, nothing really happens, it’s actually the opposite. So, that compassion he talks about, flip it around, that’s it. So, we don’t have any expectations from him,” said Sis. Eleanor Cardona, Executive Secretary, KOJC.

KOJC legal counsel challenges BBM to fulfill Constitutional mandate

Atty. Kaye Laurente, one of the KOJC Legal Counsels added that it is now high time for BBM to fulfill his Constitutional mandate as an elected official.

“So, as again, go back to your constitutional mandate to serve and protect the people. You are there, we elected you, the sovereignty emanates from the people, we elected you for that position and now do your job.”

“You are the head of the state, you have all this duty that is already enshrined in the Constitution, just, do that, setting aside the extending extra love and compassion, just do what is mandated for you to do, just follow what is given to you, mandated to you by the Constitution. So, that’s all, just act the talk. Thank you,” stated Atty. Kaye Laurente, Legal Counsel, KOJC.

Despite the persistent oppression of this administration to Pastor Apollo and the whole of KOJC, the missionary workers and members continue to stand for what they believe is right–and maintain the innocence of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy against the allegations hurled against him, and they continue to stand and rally behind the good Pastor even if this means laying down their freedom and their very lives.


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