Beijing slams Germany, Britain for promoting “Chinese spy” hype

Beijing slams Germany, Britain for promoting “Chinese spy” hype

GERMANY and the United Kingdom arrested individuals for allegedly spying on behalf of China.

In Berlin, three German nationals on Monday were accused of providing technologies with potential military purposes to Chinese intelligence since 2022.

The trio was also accused of exporting a special laser without permission, in violation of the country’s export laws.

The Chinese embassy in Berlin strongly rejected the accusations of spying activities in Germany and called on the German government to stop the political manipulation and defamation of China’s image.

In the United Kingdom, 29-year-old former parliamentary researcher Christopher Cash, and 32-year-old Christopher Berry from Oxfordshire were charged with providing prejudicial information to China and were due to appear at a London Court on Friday.

In response, the Chinese embassy called the allegations “completely fabricated” and “malicious slander.”

In a press briefing on Wednesday, Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said that the so-called “Chinese spy threat theory” is not new in Europe, and called on the relevant people in Germany to ditch the Cold War mentality.


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