BFP, Supreme Court top best employers in Philippines

BFP, Supreme Court top best employers in Philippines

FIRE Senior Superintendent Annalee Carbajal-Atienza has been with the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) for over 20 years.

For him, becoming a firefighter was the best decision he ever made.

“I started as a cadet from the Philippine National Police Academy Class 2002, and on our third year, the final year, we already had a brief bird’s eye view of what the BFP is all about,” according to FSSupt. Annalee Carbajal-Atienza, Spokesperson, BFP.

She is now the spokesperson for the Bureau of Fire Protection.

When it comes to salary, the entry-level pay for new firefighters is P34,000, which started during the Duterte administration.

This is also why the agency was hailed as the number 1 employer in the Philippines according to the 2024 survey by market research and data analysis firm Statista R, whether in the government or private sector.

The BFP scored 9.22, putting it alongside major companies and businesses in the Philippines.

According to Fire Chief Louie Puracan, they were surprised by the survey results, but the BFP has qualities that set it apart from other agencies.

“Whatever skill you have, you can fit into the organization. So, meaning, whatever your passion is, whatever your skill is, the organization will find a place for you,” according to FDir. Louie Puracan, Chief, BFP.

The survey also recommends the BFP as the number 1 choice for those seeking employment.

With 36,000 firefighters nationwide, only two thousand new firefighters are hired each year.

“Many started with us in Fire Office 1, and now they are active with star ranks. You cannot find that in any other organizations, only here in the bureau,” Puracan added.

When there are no fires, firefighters are busy with inspections and fire prevention efforts.

They are also first responders in all emergencies and disasters.

Thanks to the Statista survey, the BFP expects increased interest in becoming a firefighter.

“Of course, we are high-morale when we found out that we were awarded as the top employer,” Atienza added.

“To my colleagues at the bureau of fire protection, let’s not waste the opportunity to serve the nation. Because there are very few opportunities to serve the nation,” Puracan stated.

Aside from the BFP, the Supreme Court also made it to the top five in the survey.

Chief Justice Alexander Gesmundo congratulated all employees of the highest court for their achievement.

“Congratulations to all. From the lowest to the highest-ranking official of the judiciary, all of you deserve a pat on the back. Maraming salamat,” according to Chief Justice Alexander Gesmundo.


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