Bill Gates says he’ll spend billions on COVID-19 vaccine

Bill Gates says he’ll spend billions on COVID-19 vaccine

A potential COVID-19 vaccine funded by Bill Gates is set to begin testing in people.

In a TED talk by American business magnate and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates in 2015, he emphasized that in a few years’ time, the greatest risk of human catastrophe was not war, but a powerful global viral infection which can disrupt economies, challenge healthcare systems, and overwhelm society in general.

Gates said that the best thing we can do is prepare for it while we have had the time and resources.

Now, five years later, his presentation of this global catastrophe had come true in the form of the coronavirus pandemic.

Gates, however, through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, tried to prepare America and many underdeveloped countries for any impeding disaster.

That is, until the coronavirus disease 2019 manifested and went on to become a global pandemic, hitting the United States the hardest, and has since left hundreds of thousands sick, dying, and dead in other countries.

That’s why on Monday, a potential coronavirus vaccine funded by Gates has been set to begin testing in people.

The Gates’ foundation will spend of billions of dollars to fund the construction of factories for the most promising efforts to develop a vaccine to combat the viral infection.

In March, the foundation announced a $125 million effort to identify and develop treatments for COVID-19.

The White House coronavirus taskforce, along with US President Donald Trump, has repeatedly stated that a vaccine will take at least a year to know if it is safe and effective against the virus.

They have been blunt that no cure, no vaccine is in immediate sight or hold.

But the Gates have been hopeful and proactive in creating this cure as soon as possible.

A small Pennsylvania-based biotech Inovio Pharmaceuticals, with its lab in Sorrento Valley, San Diego, California, received regulatory clearance to begin human testing with its first 40 volunteers this week in at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and at the Center for Pharmaceutical Research in Kansas City, Missouri.

Along with the Gates’ foundation, other nonprofits have poured funding into Inovio’s vaccine project, which is known as INO-4800.

The biotech expects to have early safety data by late summer and is aiming to produce 1 million doses by the end of 2020.

Back in the TED Talk by Gates in 2015, he said that many of the steps required to save lives in poor countries – such as strengthening health systems – also improve the world’s ability to deal with epidemics.


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