Bill that aims to ban POGO filed in the Congress

Bill that aims to ban POGO filed in the Congress

A proposal has now submitted in the House with the aim of banning and declaring as illegal the operations of Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGO) in the country.


In the proposed anti-POGO Act by Minority Leader Bienvenido Abante Jr., it stated a strict ban on any construction of offshore gaming facilities in any territories of the Philippines.


It also states that the licenses of foreign operators, local gaming agents, POGOs, and service providers should be revoked.


The bill would also not allow the Department of Labor and Employment to issue work permits and the Bureau of Immigration to impose a visa or alien employment permit related to offshore gaming operations.


The proposal also aims to create an Inter-Agency Task Force POGO that has the power to enforce provisions under the bill.


Some of the reasons why POGOs should be banned in the country is because it addresses various crimes including kidnapping and anti-money laundering violations.



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