Binay files ethics complaint vs Cayetano

Binay files ethics complaint vs Cayetano

SENATOR Nancy Binay formally filed a complaint with the Senate Ethics Committee against Senator Alan Peter Cayetano on Monday morning.

Their clash occurred during a recent Committee on Accounts hearing regarding the alleged increasing ballooning budget for the construction of the New Senate Building (NSB).

According to documents submitted, Binay stated that Cayetano’s conduct during the hearing was unparliamentary. Cayetano had referred to Binay as “Marites,” a term often used negatively to describe someone who spreads gossip or misinformation.

However, Cayetano maintains that he is undeterred by Binay’s complaint.

“She knows that nothing will happen with that ethics case. So, I can also file an ethics case against her because what she is doing is also unethical. You can’t just be a member and cause trouble there. The chairman is speaking, do you want to go first? You were already given a chance but you walked out in that manner,” said Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano, Chair, Committee on Accounts.

Cayetano: Binay merely diverting from the New Senate Building issue

Cayetano pointed out that Binay should focus on the issue of how much it really costs to build the new Senate building.

He also urged Binay not to divert the issue because their personal quarrel should not be the topic of discussion.

Until now, it is still uncertain when the construction of the new building will be completed and how much it will cost to finish it.

“That’s her intention—for the news to be about us instead of the building. File an ethics case today but my answer to you is eyes on the ball, Sen. Nancy,” said Cayetano.

Cayetano clarified that he is not saying that there is corruption happening in the construction of the building.

“We are not saying there is an anomaly but why is your reaction like that? Why are you so angry? Why are you really diverting the issue? Don’t discredit this inquiry—whoever conducts this inquiry, it is clear to me that Sen. Nancy will discredit it,” he added.

The next Senate hearing regarding the new Senate building will be held on Wednesday, July 10.

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