CAAP ready for the upcoming rainy season

CAAP ready for the upcoming rainy season

ASIDE from monitoring the activity of Mount Kanlaon, which is currently under surveillance by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP), the agency is also preparing for the arrival of La Niña in the country.

CAAP Deputy Director General for Operations Captain Edgardo Diaz stated that to avoid disruption of operations during the rainy season, CAAP is ready, and their area managers have already conducted meetings in preparation for incoming storms.

“Every year, we prepare whenever these storms come, so we issued memos and talked to our areas to prepare for the arrival of these storms, so each airport is prepared, we have procedures in place, and they know what to implement when there is a weather disturbance,” according to Capt. Edgardo Diaz, Deputy Director General for Operations, CAAP.

Currently, CAAP operates 44 commercial airports.

On the other hand, CAAP highlighted its efforts to enhance air quality services at airports in the Philippines through collaboration with international civil aviation counterparts.

For instance, in the upcoming 59th Conference of Directors General of Civil Aviation Asia and Pacific Regions (DGCA) to be held in the country this October, which will bring together over 400 delegates.

“In October, we will have the DGAC where all authorities in the APAC region will come to the Philippines to exchange standards and recommended practices for the improvement of our aviation sector,” Diaz added.

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