Caloocan City Police built exclusive prison for ECQ violators

CALOOCAN City Police has expected that they are still many lockdown violators that will be caught every day, prompting them to build an exclusive prison cell for them.


In broad daylight or during curfew hours, City Police had been aggressive in catching Enhanced Community Quarantine or ECQ violators.


Some of the violators were caught in the street during day time without valid purpose, some were caught selling in the road and some were caught outside their home after curfew hours.


Caloocan City Police chief Dario Menor said that they are already doing a marathon construction as anticipation that more will be caught every day.


As a matter of fact, Menor said that at weekends alone, they have caught 1000 violators.




Every violator will be brought to the custodial facility to be checked by the medics if they were in their right mind before violating the ECQ and an official violation receipt will be issued to them along with the waiver undertaking.


As a city ordinance, aside from possible imprisonment, every violator will have to pay penalties for a first offense is 3000, second offense is 5000.


Minors, however, are exempted from penalties.


Yet authorities refused to believe certain ‘ Daniel Lucban’ in his claim that he is a minor insisting that he did not look like 17 years old only.


As of today, Caloocan City Govt. has recorded 4000 violators since ECQ was imposed to combat COVID-19.




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