Caloocan’s mental health hotlines do not lose callers for fear of COVID-19

CALLS to Caloocan mental health hotlines continue to rise as residents continue to cause fear, anxiety, or tension due to the deadly coronavirus disease.


According to City Health Chief Evelyn Cuevas, they receive countless daily calls, even in the early morning hours people ask for advice or help.


Cuevas said some residents are becoming paranoid that even with sore throat or dizziness they worry that they may have been infected.


Some callers are no longer asking for advice but are asking for help such as finding an ICU or bringing their family member who has been infected with the disease to the hospital.


mental health hotlines
Barangay 101, Caloocan City residents


Some residents of Barangay 101 in Caloocan said it was normal for them to be scared due to the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic is not normal.


Other people say they are afraid of the time when they become infected and no one will care for them until they die of the disease.



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