Child abuse charges possible vs armed police who raided KOJC religious compounds

Child abuse charges possible vs armed police who raided KOJC religious compounds

AUTHORITIES responsible for the violent raid on the Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KOJC) religious compound, which traumatized children, could face child abuse charges.

“After June 10, 2024, when the incident occurred and the SAF, CIDG, and police raided the compound, my child’s behavior changed drastically—they were really traumatized.”

“They were extremely scared; they don’t want me to leave the house,” according to Ronald Ferrer, KOJC Missionary | Music Department.

The intense fear caused by the violent raid of armed authorities on the KOJC religious compounds early in the morning of June 10, 2024, has left a lasting impact on the children living there.

Simultaneously, armed police raided the Kingdom of Jesus Christ’s headquarters in Davao City, Prayer Mountain and Glory Mountain at the foot of Mt. Apo, and the Kitbog compound in Malungon, Sarangani Province.

“If a child experiences and witnesses significant stress and anxiety after a traumatic event, it can cause intense fear and a sense of danger,” said Abegail Grace Escobido, Psychologist.

Atty. Marlon Bosantog, an anchor of the “Pilipinas Nating Mahal” online show, believes that such trauma to children could have been avoided if the authorities had properly done their job.

“When you serve a warrant of arrest, you serve it to a person, not a place. You should know what kind of people are inside. You don’t go in full battle gear holding M16s when families and children are present. The purpose of the operation was not successful, and you traumatized the children. You can’t just say, ‘we did our job, broke things, and acted like we were in a war zone’ when there are children around. It’s inevitable they will be traumatized,” stated Atty. Marlon Bosantog, Anchor, Pilipinas Nating Mahal.

Bosantog believes that child abuse should be included among the charges against the authorities involved in the violent raid on the KOJC religious compounds, which caused trauma to innocent children. This is also the wish of KOJC legal counsel and the parents of the affected children.

“First, administrative charges for grave abuse of authority. Second, if your actions degrade the intrinsic value of a child, it could be considered child abuse. They knew this, and it carries penalties and imprisonment. The question is, did they know there were children there? It’s impossible they didn’t, as they should have conducted surveillance first,” Atty. Bosantog added.

“In addition to that, we are also looking into child abuse considering the trauma that the children in this situation were subjected to,” according to Atty. Dinah Tolentino-Fuentes, KOJC Legal Counsel.

“I am strongly in favor of filing child abuse charges against the police who raided the KOJC compound, especially those who ordered it. It’s painful to see the change in my child, who was raised in love and care here by Pastor. It’s heartbreaking as a parent to see my youngest child like this,” said Ronald Ferrer, KOJC Missionary | Music Department.

Atty. Israelito Torreon, KOJC’s legal counsel, has already stated that they will file charges against the police and other government officials involved in the raid on the KOJC religious compounds.

The charges will include administrative cases like grave misconduct, grave abuse of authority, and conduct unbecoming of a public officer, which could result in their removal from service and perpetual disqualification from public office under civil service regulations.

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