China conducts military drills around Taiwan as ‘punishment’

China conducts military drills around Taiwan as ‘punishment’

CHINA has described its “Joint Sword-2024A” military drills around the island of Taiwan as a ‘punishment’ for what it claims are ‘Separatist Acts.’

This was stated by Li Xi, spokesperson of the Eastern Theater Command of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

The military exercises took place in the Taiwan Strait, covering the north, west, and east of the Taiwan Island, including Kinmen, Matsu, Wuqiu, and Dongyin Islands.

The drills commenced in the early hours of Thursday, May 23, and are expected to continue until Friday.

The new Taiwanese President is known for resisting China and continuously advocating for Taiwan’s independence from Beijing.

Taiwan deploys aerial, naval forces in response to China’s military drills

Meanwhile, in response, Taiwan has also dispatched aerial and naval forces.

This was also condemned by Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense, stating they will do everything to defend their national security.

China’s ‘countermeasures’ vs Taiwan: ‘Reasonable’—expert

According to an expert, China’s actions against Taiwan are a reasonable move, and Taiwan’s independence from mainland China would mean war, while its separation would mean no peace.

“A spokesperson for the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office has made it very clear that we must take countermeasures and mete out punishment. So, I think the follow-up actions can be imagined. And I think there is a considerable degree of breakthrough regarding the intensity and strength of the countermeasures. Any measures we adopt are justified, necessary and inevitable. The ‘Taiwan independence’ means war, while separation means no peace. This has been proved by the history of Cross-Strait relations for decades,” said Zheng Jian, Professor, Xiamen University.

China has repeatedly asserted that Taiwan is part of its territory and has pledged to take the island by force if necessary.


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