China showcases culture in a friendly visit by Philippine media

China showcases culture in a friendly visit by Philippine media

CHINA is showcasing its culture and good customs to a selected group of our fellow Filipinos in a friendly visit.

The weather in China is scorching due to the summer season, especially in the country’s capital, Beijing.

On Tuesday, June 27, the Philippine media delegation visited the Palace Museum.

The museum stands within the Forbidden City, also known as the Imperial Palace of China.

It was built in the 15th century during the Ming Dynasty and is considered the largest Palace Complex in the world.

It served as the residence and official dwelling of the emperors of China from the Ming Dynasty to the final Qing Dynasty.

“I think around 24 emperors used to live in the Forbidden City,” Zhang He, said.

This is part of our friendly visit sponsored by the Chinese government.

The purpose of the visit is to further understand their culture.

“So we are neighbors, and we are partners and we are friends. We would like to have an even stronger China-Filipino relationship,” said Sun Weidong, Vice Foreign Minister, People’s Republic of China.

Accompanying our delegation is Usec. Gerald Baria from the Presidential Communications Office (PCO), expressed gratitude on behalf of the Philippine government.

 “On behalf of the Philippine delegation, we would like to thank the Chinese government and the Chinese Embassy in Manila for giving us the opportunity to do this 10-day trip to some of the most famous heritage sites in China,” said Usec. Gerald Baria, Philippine Presidential Communications Office.

Vice Foreign Minister Sun emphasized the importance of the People-to-People Exchange, particularly with our Filipino friends, and the continuous strengthening of the relationship between the Philippines and China.

“We would like to promote our friendship through the work of the media and also your introduction of a true China to the Filipino friends,” said Sun Weidong, added.

The schedule also includes visits to famous landmarks in China.

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