China’s hypersonic missile now aimed at the Philippines—Sen. Imee

China’s hypersonic missile now aimed at the Philippines—Sen. Imee

THE Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) is ready to coordinate with Senator Imee Marcos after the senator claimed that 25 areas in the Philippines were potential targets of China’s hypersonic missiles.

The senator said she was concerned about the information she received, given that hypersonic missiles are an advanced warfare technology.

“I am really scared as tensions rise in the West Philippine Sea. I saw a plan from China to use hypersonic missiles. They are not thinking of invading the Philippines with their massive army or navy; that’s not the plan. The plan involves air strikes with hypersonic missiles, and they already have 25 targets set,” said Sen. Imee Marcos, Republic of the Philippines.

She added that this technology is so advanced that even the United States admits they cannot stop it.

“The US has said they cannot counter the hypersonic missile. It makes me even more nervous because I thought other countries had systems like the Iron Dome to stop missiles. But with hypersonic missiles, they can easily penetrate; they say it can cause massive destruction just like that,” Sen. Marcos added.

The senator further stated that China would primarily target locations with American military bases.

“Let’s admit that the real problem is that China perceives we have sided with their enemy by allowing 17 military bases, the EDCA sites. According to what I read, there are BrahMos missiles in Batanes and Subic, so those two will be the first targets, along with Ilocos because of the live fire exercises. It’s really scary, 25 targets are no joke,” she exclaimed.

AFP ready to coordinate with Sen. Imee on China’s hypersonic missile threat

In response, AFP spokesperson Col. Francel Margareth Padilla said the AFP takes Sen. Imee’s concerns seriously.

“Regarding Senator Imee Marcos’ statement about 25 areas potentially targeted by China’s hypersonic missiles due to EDCA (Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement) sites and the West Philippine Sea scenario, the AFP takes such concerns seriously,” said Col. Francel Margareth Padilla, Spokesperson, AFP.

The AFP is ready to coordinate with the senator to ensure the safety and security of the country.

“We are ready to coordinate with Senator Marcos to obtain details and take appropriate actions to ensure our nation’s security,” added Padilla.

China’s actions are allegedly in response to the Philippines’ agreement to the EDCA.

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