Community Tour Guiding Training for Barangay Marilog

Community Tour Guiding Training for Barangay Marilog

24 participants from the Matigsalug tribe completed the Community Tour Guiding Training for Barangay Marilog. The training, conducted by the Department of Tourism Region XI (DOT XI) at ClaudMaru Rainforest from July 1-7, 2024, was an initiative of the Davao City Tourism Operations Office to strengthen community-based tourism equipping the local community as we actively uncover new tourist sites to explore, and strive to open additional tourism sites throughout the city. The comprehensive 7-day training covered various essential topics through several sessions:

Training Sessions:

*Tourism Overview and DOT Accreditation System

*Tourism Overview, Tourist Arrival and Statistics, Market Profiles, Issues Affecting Tourism, and Tourist Behavior Patterns

*Tourism Products and Portfolios

*Geography, Philippine History, and Socio-Cultural Interaction

*Basic Life Support/Basic First-aid

*Personality Development/ Grooming

*Social Media Etiquette/ Content Writing/ Basic Photography

*Duties and Responsibilities of a Tour Guide and Practical Guiding Techniques

*Tour Script Preparation and Presentation/ Techniques

*Filipino Brand of Service Excellence Seminar-Workshop

This initiative aims to empower local communities, enhance their tourism skills, and promote sustainable development in Barangay Marilog.


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