Conflicting statements from PBBM’s cabinet due to his weak leadership —Political Commentator

Conflicting statements from PBBM’s cabinet due to his weak leadership —Political Commentator

THE conflicting statements from PBBM officials regarding the latest skirmish between China and the Philippines at Ayungin Shoal– are an embarrassment to the international community.

Tensions flared again between Chinese and Filipino troops during a resupply mission at Ayungin Shoal on June 17.

The incident, reported by major newspapers worldwide, saw a Filipino soldier lose a thumb in a collision between vessels from the two countries.

Executive Secretary Lucas Bersamin initially stated that the deployment of Filipino troops to the area was merely a misunderstanding.

He also clarified that the incident in the WPS (West Philippine Sea) is not considered an ‘armed attack.’

However, Defense Secretary Gibo Teodoro contradicted Bersamin’s statement, asserting that the incident was not a misunderstanding but an overreach by China.

Teodoro also called China’s aggressive harassment a ‘deliberate act.’

Political commentator Elmer Jugalbot questioned the conflicting statements from President Bongbong Marcos Jr.’s cabinet.

‘’What happened during the last few days during the June 17 incident—it’s truly embarrassing for the international community,’’ Elmer Jugalbot Political Commentator, Writer said.

Secretary Teodoro had previously said that Executive Secretary Bersamin’s statement was preliminary on the issue.

But for Jugalbot, President Marcos’ weak leadership is the reason for the conflicting statements.

‘’You have all these high-ranking officials flip-flopping on their statements, looking like headless chickens running around in circles while the chief diplomat and commander-in-chief is acting like an ostrich, burying his head in the sand,’’ he added.

Jugalbot remarked that had the President promptly commented on the issue, it would have provided guidance to his deputies on the appropriate handling of the incident.

‘’Incidents of this magnitude require the immediate and urgent attention of the President. And in fact, until now, you have not yet heard from the President himself. Who is the chief architect of our foreign policy,’’ Jugalbot said.

The Department of Foreign Affairs is now taking steps to address the situation with China through diplomatic channels regarding the WPS.


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