Cordillerans-UK organized Autumn Gala Ball for a Cause

Cordillerans-UK organized Autumn Gala Ball for a Cause

Cordillerans-UK organized an eventful Autumn Gala Ball at the Royal National Hotel London to raise funds for the benefit of indigenous peoples back in the Philippines.

The call for nation-building culture in the Philippines continues to reverberate especially in the United Kingdom this year 2023.

Private events, fashion shows, and barrio fiestas were happening left and right to promote Filipino Culture but most importantly it became a way to raise funds for the underprivileged citizens in the Philippines.

This time, Cordilleran’s UK organized a Fashion Show promoting Filipiniana Couture and modernized dresses using Filipino Native garments.

“For this gala again we’re trying to make some funds for the Indigenous People in Quirino.’’

“So, for tonight, we’re having a Fashion Show and we’re showcasing the creations of Jessalyn Yui couture from Philippines and all modern Filipiniana gowns so I hope everyone will have a great time in watching the Fashion Show,’’ according to Rose Hayes, Event Organizer.

On the other hand, some of the guests were able to express why they supported this particular event.

“Anything that will be collected from this event will be used for the indigenous peoples in the Philippines, especially the Aetas.’’

“It really has impact on one kid and for this event, you will enjoy and get more than the price that you have paid for, and to think that it will go for a charity is more than enough,” Mrs. Emy Dulawan, Pres. of Ifugao Organization, UK, stated.

“I’m here to support the Cordilleran UK because just like the President said, he was so proud of all of us here because he can see that we are united in promoting our culture

“So, thank you so much SMNI for covering this very very generous event, and obviously this is for our Aetas, Mabuhay ang Pilipino!” Joy Hartley, Nottingham Filipino Community Organizer, stated.

Finally, the husband of the organizer Mr. Steve Heist, who is also currently working for the New Metro Manila Subway Project also shares his appreciation of the Filipino Culture and was happy to share some of his experiences living in the Philippines.

“From a family perspective, we give way to supporting Rose while she arranges this event from both the UK and from the Philippines. I live and work in the Philippines on the New Metro Manila Subway Project.’’

“Living in the Philippines is totally mind-blowing.”

“We all love the Philippines, the culture, the people, the lifestyle, it’s fantastic. If you could bottle it and sell it on the streets you make a fortune. It’s the best place I would say of all the countries, it’s the best and I just don’t say that because my wife would kill me if I didn’t but I really, truly enjoy the Philippines.”

“So, what can I say about the Philippines? Come and see, for those who haven’t experienced it, come and see it, Mabuhay Philippines!’’ according to Steve Hayes, Husband of the Event Organizer.

The outreach they did for the kids and teenagers last year made an impact and touched the hearts of those who are able to help more and this time they are hoping to provide blankets, sanitary napkins for teenagers who cannot afford to buy and other personal necessities they can provide before the cold season in the Philippines.


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