COVID-19 infections in Japan breaks 10,800 mark

JAPAN health authorities on Monday disclosed that the number of coronavirus infections (COVID-19) in the country has reached 10,810.


The more than 10,800 infections included patients who were confirmed positive during airport quarantine checks, individuals who returned to Japan on chartered planes, and health officials.


However, this does not include the 712 cases from the Diamond Princess Cruise ship, which brings the overall number of infections to 11,522.


Meanwhile, the number of COVID-19 fatalities in the country stands at 251, including 13 from the vessel.


Tokyo tops the list of prefectures with the most infections at 3,082. Osaka is second with 1,211, followed by Kanagawa with 782, Chiba with 682, Saitama with 664, Fukuoka with 519 and Hyogo with 513.


As of Saturday, 215 people were in serious condition including 4 from the cruise ship.


Health ministry officials disclosed that 1,713 patients have already recovered and left the hospital.


Of these, 1,069 were diagnosed in Japan, while 644 were from the ship.



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