Davao City ranks 2nd safest in Southeast Asia

Davao City ranks 2nd safest in Southeast Asia

SAFE living! This is the legacy of the Duterte family in Davao City, making it no surprise that it is considered one of the safest cities in Southeast Asia. We asked some Davao City residents why they think Davao is deemed the safest city.

“Davao City is safe because, for example, I run a business here and the crime rate is low due to the policies and platform of the Dutertes,” said Steve Don dela Rosa, Davao City Resident.

“Even late at night, women can walk safely in Davao City because the Dutertes are in power,” said Meryll Morales, Davao City Resident.

“Because in Davao City, the crime rate is zero. The peace and order are reliable, which is why everyone trusts Davao City as a destination due to the effective governance led by the Dutertes,” said Alfredo Parilla, Davao City Resident.

“I have seen many mayors in Davao since I was born in 1967, but the only mayor I truly admire is the one who brought real peace, eliminated drugs, and controlled crime, making Davao peaceful. Women can walk without fear; Davao is truly very safe,” stressed Susan Ramirez, Davao City Resident.

“I am from Leyte, and I have lived here in Davao for ten years. Of all the places I have been to in the Philippines, only in Davao do I feel safe and secure. I am happy here and truly feel at home,” stated Francesca Aguelo, Davao City Resident.

According to Numbeo’s Southeast Asia Safety Index 2023, Davao City ranks second on the list of the safest cities in the region with a safety index of 72.4.

Davao City Councilor Tek Ocampo believes that the respect residents and visitors have for Davao City is due to the political will of its leaders, the Dutertes.

Despite the recent reshuffling of leadership in the PNP Region 11, he asserts that this will not hinder Davao City from maintaining its status as the safest city.

“In terms of law and order, Davao City is the center of Mindanao. This is where both the good and the bad meet. Sometimes, people with less favorable backgrounds from other parts of Mindanao come to Davao. Even they feel safe here. Even the bad people from other places come to Davao because they feel safe, which means they respect the authorities and leadership here. When they are in Davao, they don’t cause trouble,” according to Coun. Temujin ‘Tek’ Ocampo. First District, Davao City.

Despite the heated and chaotic political situation in the country, the people of Davao City remain confident that their city will stay safe. This confidence persists even after the city recently experienced harsh treatment from the police, who had promised to care for and protect the welfare and safety of the Filipino people.


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