Davao City strengthens culture of discipline; DepEd Davao to teach DCplinado program

Davao City strengthens culture of discipline; DepEd Davao to teach DCplinado program

THE Department of Education (DepEd) Davao will begin teaching the Dabawenyo DCplinado program in schools to foster a culture of discipline, respect, and social responsibility among Dabawenyos starting from the youngest members of the community.

DCplinado will be taught alongside subjects taught in schools that are crucial for both learners and educators.

The Dabawenyo DCplinado is a banner program of Davao City Mayor Sebastian “Baste” Duterte, recognizing that it is the Dabawenyo discipline that has taken the city to heights, and was launched during the 87th Araw ng Dabaw.

The inclusion of the DCplinado program in schools is anchored on the ordinance implementing the Dabawenyo DCplinado program and integrating the same in the DepEd curriculum passed during the 26th Regular Session of the Davao City Council on Tuesday.

Councilor Jonard Dayap, chair of the Committee on Future Generation and author of the ordinance, said the ordinance aims to institutionalize the implementation of the Dabawenyo DCplinado program and expanding its reach to children and youth “through a curriculum tailored to address their specific needs and challenges of the city.”

In one of the committee hearings conducted for the ordinance, DepEd Davao Schools Division Superintendent, Reynante Solitario, affirmed that the DCplinado program aligns with the Matatag curriculum of DepEd. The said curriculum focuses on the importance of values formation and good moral character.

The program complements the existing subjects that are being taught in schools.

“In fact, this Dabawenyo DCplinado is one of a kind because if we will be successful enough to educate our younger generation especially at the formative years we can be able to achieve a great City of Davao,” he added.

The modules included in the program are those on Civic Responsibility and Community Engagement; Respect for Laws and Regulations; Cultural Sensitivity and Gender Equality; Personal Discipline and Ethical Division; Information and Digital Ethics; Environmental Stewardship; Culture of Security; and Financial Literacy.


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