DFA confirms suspension of entry, Kuwait visas for Filipinos

DFA confirms suspension of entry, Kuwait visas for Filipinos

THE Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) assured that it will resolve the issue of Kuwait’s suspension of entry and work visas for Filipinos in a calm manner.

On Friday, the DFA issued an official statement regarding the Kuwaiti Government’s suspension of entry visas for Filipino nationals in Kuwait, effective immediately until further notice.

According to the DFA, the Philippines remains committed to discussing and resolving bilateral issues with all countries in an amicable manner.

The said department is also confident that such a problem can be solved through negotiation, especially since the Philippines and Kuwait are allies.

Currently, there are almost 300,000 Filipinos in Kuwait and the only ones allowed to enter the Arab country now are Filipinos with residence visas.

In relation to this, the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) also issued a statement saying they are working with the DFA and the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait in a unified and whole-of-government approach to the situation.

To add, the DMW is communicating with recruitment agencies in the Philippines, Filipino communities, leaders, and other stakeholders on how to address this development for the best interest of all concerned.

Suspension of entry, Kuwait visas to Filipinos should not be a concern

Meanwhile, in an exclusive SMNI News interview with  OFW Party-list Representative Marissa del Mar Magsino, she welcomed the said suspension by the Kuwaiti Government.

According to the lawmaker, the Kuwaiti Government does not yet have clear details on which bilateral agreement the Philippines violated.

Magsino insisted that even before Kuwait issued the suspension, the Philippines first warned that there should only be a deployment ban on new Filipinos who want to work in Kuwait because it was Kuwait that first violated the bilateral agreement between the Philippines and Kuwait.

Meanwhile, Magsino insisted Filipinos should not be concerned about the steps taken by the government of Kuwait because there are many other countries that overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) can go to.


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