DITO Telecommunity introduces new 5G-powered unit for SMEs, local gov’t units

DITO Telecommunity introduces new 5G-powered unit for SMEs, local gov’t units

DITO Telecommunity unveils a new unit that will provide services to small businesses and local government units.

“DITO Means Business.”

This is the joint statement from DITO Telecommunity CEO Ernesto Alberto and DITO Chief Administrative Officer Atty. Adel Tamano.

This coincides with the formal introduction of their latest unit called DITO Business, which will cater to small businesses nationwide. It is expected to be officially launched in the first quarter of 2024.

According to Alberto, DITO Business aims to provide 5G connectivity and other business solutions such as cybersecurity consultation and data privacy for SMEs.

With DITO Business, owners can now improve their operations through faster internet connections.

“We’d like to target the underserved SMEs as the primary partner, provider, and enabler for their digital requirements. And then segueing into initially as backup, highly resilient, and quality backup for large and multinational enterprises with mission-critical work. And hopefully, as technology proves itself to be viable and reliable, ambition to be a primary provider and enabler of services to these enterprises,” according to Ernesto Alberto, CEO, DITO Telecommunity.

Aside from SMEs, DITO also plans to provide services by digitizing the public services of government agencies, especially at the local government level.

“And with the emergence of digital-native younger politicians, I think there is a clamor for this digitally adept constituency to ask for their younger leaders that they deliver and provide public services through digital means,” Alberto added.

According to Alberto, nearly a million businesses are registered with DITO, with 800,000 actively operating in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, Tamano proudly states that DITO has no outdated infrastructure.

He mentioned that compared to other telcos, their DITO Business standalone 5G maintains a strong signal even with multiple devices connected simultaneously, and it offers fixed wireless access without the need for extensive digging to achieve fast internet.

“Our 5G technology standalone really rivals any other 5G technology in the Philippines. And that allows you that low latency, that speed, that 5G should have,” Atty. Adel Tamano, DITO Chief Revenue Officer said.

Alberto assures subscribers that DITO’s products and services are affordable.

“The focuses of DITO are not only high-quality products and services but also cost-competitive,” Alberto said.

The launch of DITO Business is expected to benefit many entrepreneurs, providing relief and improved services for Filipinos in the near future.


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