DOH conducts emergency hiring of health personnels

THE Department of Health has undertaken an emergency hiring of health personnel to assist in the fight against coronavirus disease 2019 in the country.


Emergency hiring will include physicians, nurses, medical technologists, and other health support personnel for three months.


It aims to reduce the number of working hours of health workers in the country where they spend almost 24 hours working against COVID-19.


In the meantime, anyone who wants to work as health worker will receive benefits.


These receive a P500 hazard a day, basic pay and premium pay equal to 20% in wages hospitalization benefits in the event of illness due to COVID-19 and P1-M if killed by fighting the virus.


They will be sent to various referral hospitals, monitoring facilities, diagnostic facilities, public hospitals, regional and provincial epidemiology and surveillance units and even to private hospitals treating COVID-19 patients.


Interested health workers can visit the Department of Health’s website and Facebook page.



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