DOH denies reports of death due to mpox

DOH denies reports of death due to mpox

DEPARTMENT of Health (DOH) clarifies that there is no recorded death due to monkeypox now referred to as mpox.

This is amidst the circulated reports, that the DOH Central Visayas is investigating a patient allegedly deceased from the said illness.

In a statement sent by DOH spokesperson Asec. Albert Domingo, newly tested individuals as of June 8 at RITM tested negative for mpox.

“No patients recorded to have died from mpox (formerly known as ‘monkeypox’) across any region of the country. In the latest update (June 8, 2024) from DOH RITM, all individuals tested for mpox yielded negative results,” statement from Department of Health (DOH).

Domingo said that symptoms of mpox closely resemble other diseases such as blisters or chickenpox, shingles, and herpes.

Accordingly, it is advisable for the public to await the official statement from DOH and refrain from unverified information.

“Symptoms of chickenpox, shingles, herpes, and mpox are almost similar. Always await the official statement from DOH and avoid using unverified information,” DOH added.

Currently, there are nine cases of mpox in the country, and all patients have recovered from the illness.

It was on July 29, 2022 when the first case of mpox was recorded in the Philippines.

The Philippines ranks 8th among the WHO Western Pacific Region in reporting confirmed cases of mpox.

Mpox is a disease caused by the monkeypox virus, a viral zoonotic infection, meaning it can be transmitted from animals to humans.

It can also be passed from person to person through skin-to-skin contact, including touching the rash or blisters, hugging, kissing, or sexual contact.

Common symptoms of mpox include fever, swollen lymph nodes, headache, muscle and back pain, fatigue, and rash with blisters on the face, hands, feet, body, eyes, mouth, or genitals.


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