Domestic maritime safety depends on modernization, digitalization—MARINA

Domestic maritime safety depends on modernization, digitalization—MARINA

THE Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) underscored that the current maritime safety situation in the country can be best addressed by modernizing the country’s domestic fleet, complemented by strong support for automation and digitalization of frontline services in the maritime sector.

MARINA Director Mr. Luisito delos Santos emphasized during the forum organized by The Manila Times on Friday, 14 June 2024, that the tapestry of the maritime industry has become so complex that understanding critical issues requires a holistic understanding of the current challenges and the future direction of the country’s maritime industry.

“If we want to promote safety of navigation in our domestic waters, we have to strengthen the current regime of ship inspection while pushing initiatives to provide necessary support for our local shipyards to meet demands for domestic shipping modernization and pursue ease of doing business through automation and digitalization,” he added.

Delos Santos further said that “a legislative enactment to modernize the current state of the country’s shipbuilding industry is the most practical way to elevate the playing field between local and multinational shipbuilding entities operating in various economic zones in the country.”

During the forum, Director delos Santos also provided updates on MARINA’s measures to promote ease of doing business, the nationwide roll-out of the MARINA Blockchain Enabled Certification System by July this year, information on the Maritime Transportation Information System (MARIS) that would assist prospective investors in domestic shipping, and the prospects of the updated Maritime Industry Development Plan 2028 to accelerate the growth of the country’s maritime industry.


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