Doubts persist over P10-B ‘shabu’ seized in Batangas—political commentator

Doubts persist over P10-B ‘shabu’ seized in Batangas—political commentator

INSTEAD of receiving thumbs up, the public seems to be doubtful and suspicious about the seizure of over 13 billion pesos worth of shabu in Batangas, which was later reduced to nearly 10 billion pesos by the Philippine National Police (PNP).

In an interview with SMNI News, political commentator Jun Abines mentioned several red flags regarding the alleged biggest drug haul recently.

“Any event or any drug operation that is than naturally will have different angles that can be examined by any ordinary people and it will naturally flow and convince people that it’s true. But this ₱13 billion shabu drug bust it will call that. It traces a lot of questions than answers,” said Jun Abines – Political Commentator.

It is also puzzling to him that with such a large value of illegal drugs, only the driver single-handedly traveled to his destination.

“Can you imagine, hauling this much amount of shabu? The volume itself. We know the value of shabu is basically like gold. Even just one kilo. If you allow it to be handled by criminals or users, it will be treated like gold. Because they are users. Then, with this ₱13 billion, there’s only one handler. It’s very unbelievable. That’s why it’s being talked about on social media that there are so many red flags. Then the timing is very suspicious,” said Abines.

To recall, before the seizure of the said drug shipment, Marcos Jr. was challenged to undergo a drug test following his alleged involvement in a pre-operation report by the PDEA in Makati City in 2012.

And during the inspection of the president on the seized drugs in Batangas, he proudly mentioned that not a single person died, got injured, or was involved in a shootout – something that Abines also finds doubtful.

“How come to get all of that amount of illegal drugs with no resistance? What is that? If there are any dangerous kinds of criminals, those are the drug dealers. They are armed to the teeth. They will fight for it because they know it’s a very big business,” Abines added.

For Abines, when it comes to the anti-drug campaign between the Marcos and Duterte administrations, nothing can surpass the war on drugs campaign of the previous administration.


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