Duterte threatens to declare martial law if NPA continues its ‘lawlessness’

PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte threatens that he could declare martial law if the ‘lawlessness’ of the New People’s Army (NPA continues.


“Kapag nagpatuloy kayo ng lawlessness ninyo patay dito, patay doon and it’s happening all over the Philippines maybe I will declare martial law,” warned Duterte.


The threat came after Duterte learned of a report that two soldiers were killed by the NPA in Aurora Province last Tuesday.


“Kanina o kahapon dalawang army nag-escort para ideliver ang suplay sa mga tao pati pera pinatay ninyo (NPA),” Duterte said.


The president said the rebels took away the help that was supposed to be for the people.


“Kinukuha ninyo ang tulong para sa tayo pati ang suplay na para sa kanila,”  in president’s accusation against the rebel group.


The president also promised that he would end the rebel group for the remainder of his term.


“Tapusin natin ito sa panahon ko. I will try to finish all of you,” added Duterte.


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