Egypt on the lookout for illegal migrants from Sudan, other countries

Egypt on the lookout for illegal migrants from Sudan, other countries

EGYPT has implemented a stricter approach on illegal migration as the Middle Eastern nation became a magnet for migrants and refugees who are trying to escape conflict from their respective countries.

Egypt launched a campaign to regulate the stay of millions of foreign residents seeking refuge on its soil by toughening its stance on illegal migration.

The Sudanese national constitutes the largest number of foreigners staying in Egypt which currently stands at four million.

At present, more than one million Sudanese have taken refuge in Egypt since the civil war erupted in the northeast African nation more than a year ago.

According to the United Nations, the ongoing conflicts in Sudan have displaced more than eight million people, with some of them seeking refuge in neighboring nations like Egypt, Chad, and South Sudan.

Of one million Sudanese who escaped in Egypt, about 500,000 or 600,000 are thought to have illegally crossed into the country.

These illegal migrants are taking perilous journeys across the desert with smugglers charging 300,000 Sudanese pounds (about $500) per person.

In recent weeks, Egypt deported hundreds of Sudanese migrants who entered the country illegally.

The intensified crackdown on illegal migrants raised concern among the Sudanese community after the deadline given by Egyptian authorities for foreign nationals to legalize their immigration status expired on July 1.

Iraqis, Syrians, and Yemenis also arrived in Egypt in large groups to escape conflict in their respective countries.

Around 9 million foreigners from 133 countries reside in Egypt, most of whom are long-term residents.


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