Elon Musk ‘not yet ready’ to visit Gaza after Hamas invitation

Elon Musk ‘not yet ready’ to visit Gaza after Hamas invitation

ELON Musk said he was ‘not yet ready’ to visit the Gaza Strip as the situation there seems a bit dangerous, as he said.

This comes after Osama Hamdan, a senior Hamas official, extended the invitation on November 20 during a press conference in Beirut, Lebanon.

“We invite Elon Musk, who visited the occupation yesterday, to visit Gaza to see the extent of the crimes committed against our people,” according to Osama Hamdan, Senior Hamas Official.

Musk, who recently visited Israel on November 27, responded to the Hamas official’s invitation on X by acknowledging the current dangers in Gaza but highlighting the importance of long-term prosperity for everyone involved.

To recall, the U.S. tycoon met with Israeli President Isaac Herzog and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Musk and Netanyahu also had a conversation in which he agreed with the prime minister’s stance with Hamas.

His recent visit to Israel also came after coming under fire over accusations that he has anti-semitic sentiments, to which he denied.


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