Ex-U.S. intel officer to Filipinos: We are only using you against China

Ex-U.S. intel officer to Filipinos: We are only using you against China

A former US intelligence officer has a warning for Filipinos regarding the issue in the West Philippine Sea.

Anti-war advocates in the United States recently gathered to warn the world about the impending threat of nuclear Armageddon.

At a press conference organized by the schiller institute, experts and former US government officials explained the dangers of nuclear war.

Among the topics discussed was the role of the Philippines if a war breaks out over the West Philippine Sea issue.

According to Scott Ritter, a former US Marine Corps intelligence officer, the US is only using the Philippines against China.

“We are using you. You are a tool, nothing but a tool. And when the tool ceases to be useful, we will discard you,” according to Scott Ritter, Former US Marine Corps Intelligence Officer.

Ritter, who also served as chief weapons inspector for the United Nations, stated that the West Philippine Sea issue is being used by his government to outmaneuver China.

“And discard you means usually after a war that devastates you. We are using you to gain some sort of momentary leverage over the Chinese. We will fail,” Ritter added.

Ritter further argued that China will surely win against the US in the West Philippine Sea.

And the ones who will suffer the most will be the unsuspecting Filipinos.

“The Chinese will win, and you will be destroyed. End of story. It’s high time the Filipino people pressure their government to start sitting down and engaging the Chinese government responsibly,” Ritter added.

Currently, the Philippine Government relies on what it calls an ‘ironclad’ relationship with the US government.

Under President Bongbong Marcos’s administration, the number of EDCA sites for Americans at Philippine military bases has increased.

All of these are aimed at China.

“The United States cannot fight and engage China and win. We will not beat the Chinese. We cannot beat the Chinese. And we know this, and yet we’re using the Philippines to create the conditions of potential conflict with the Chinese. Please understand that for the Filipino people, this is a recipe for disaster. You think America is your friend,” Ritter stressed.

Ritter advises the Philippine Government not to be fooled.

Americans don’t care about Filipinos.

The truth is, they still look down on us.

A people they colonized and enslaved for a long time.

Ex-US intel officer to Filipinos: U.S. Will not help you

“China doesn’t want war. And if you would engage China in diplomacy, and as we’ve all indicated here, America has long since lost the skill set necessary to carry out diplomacy. But the Filipinos, the Philippine people can reignite this, relearn it, and use this skill to prevent a war. But if you continue to behave as colonial subjects, and I know that’s a sore, sore, sore subject for the Filipino, because you were the colonial subjects of America. We still view you as our colonial subjects. We don’t like you. We don’t care about you. We just want to use you. Grow up. Grow up and act responsibly. Take control of your own future. America is not here to help you. America is here only to use you until there’s nothing left. And then we will discard you on the trash heap of history,” Ritter concluded.


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