Extreme lockdown in Navotas City implemented today

Extreme lockdown in Navotas City implemented today

UNDER the signed Executive Order No. 029 by Navotas City Mayor Toby Tiangco, the extreme lockdown or the Extreme Enhanced Community Quarantine (EECQ) is being implemented throughout the city starting today, May 6 until May 15 of this year.


Under the EECQ, Navoteños will limit the day and time of their going out and even the day and time of opening of establishments as a way to contain the virus.


The decision was made after learning that most people with confirmed cases of COVID-19 had gone to the markets.


According to the City Health Department records, the number of COVID-19 cases in the city has steadily increased over the past few weeks.


The EO states a coding scheme or schedule of Navoteños on going out of their houses and shopping for essential items such as food, groceries, and essential medicines in the markets.


navotas eecq


Establishments such as public markets, grocery stores, and essential supplies stores are open Monday to Saturday from 5 AM to 8 PM.


But every Sunday, only pharmacies and drug stores are allowed to open.


Meanwhile, it is strongly mandated under the EECQ that only quarantine pass holders can exit the house on their shopping schedules and must wear a face mask when exiting the house and observing physical distancing in shopping.



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